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Electric Harp pours out psychedelic melodies over stylin' rhythms laced with soulful vocals. Folk funksters The Moonsets (formerly The Flumes) conjure up a lushly groovy, dark and sparkling, magical brew. Harper Kayt Wallace immerses herself in 36 strings of Electric Harp, artfully bending the organic tones of this ancient instrument with classic guitar effects as her smoky vocals sweep from whispers to roars. Combined with the rich grooves of songwriting partner Stephan Beattie on Bass/Guitar and the playful rhythms of Andrea Joy Norden&nbsp;on skins, the trio make magic on stage. Acknowledged with&nbsp;highly commended 4 times in the Blues &amp; Roots, Folk and World categories of the QMA, it’s difficult to pin these musical adventurers down to one genre. The Moonsets create an exquisitely eclectic subtropical blend of psychedelic folk laced with soul, funk, blues, jazz and a splash of reggae but be prepared to have any preconceptions blown in the best possible way.<br>