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Rutger Reinders is an award-winning composer of music for films and commercials, based in Amsterdam. He has composed scores for a wide range of films, including Jongens (director: Mischa Kamp); Mammal and Good Favour (director: Rebecca Daly); Hemel and Zurich (director: Sacha Polak), for the latter of wich he received a Gouden Kalf nomination; Zagros (director: Sahim Omar Kalifa) for which he won a World Soundtrack Award for best original Score 2018; and several others. Recently, Rutger composed the score for the acclaimed film Dirty God (director: Sacha Polak), which had its international premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Rutger started his career as a composer for television and internet commercials, leading to scores for ads of global brands such as IKEA, MTV, Heineken, Randstad, Audi and Nikon. From there, he established himself as an in-demand composer for all media, specialising in film scores. A highly versatile composer, equally at home writing for large orchestra or intimate synth-based productions, Rutger trained at the Alkmaar conservatory but is mostly an autodidact. An extensive list of credits can be found at