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    Postlude 8 - Elliot Cole,
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    A Song - Elliot Cole,
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    Postlude 6 - Elliot Cole,
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    Postlude 4 - Elliot Cole,
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    Postlude 2 - Elliot Cole,
Blow Up Percussion is a Rome based percussion ensemble formed in 2011 that performs both modern and contemporary repertoires.
Their goal is to give current music a different voice, interpreting and performing the works of a new generation of composers, as well as getting involved in musical theatre, minimalism, electronic music and experimental sound projects. The idea is to redefine the modern concept of ensemble and to make it accessible to other current sounds, reinterpreting the cultural role of contemporary music as a possible common ground for erudite compositions and the Pop(ular) ones: a vital music scene similar to a range of interconnected vessels, where the parts join forces and work together absorbing any kind of artistic influence.
Working with composers, ensembles, and musicians from different backgrounds, Blow Up endeavors to make the ensemble permeable to present day sounds, ready to take on any sort of artistic input. The repertoire is the result of several collaborations with young composers such as Filidei, E.C.Cole, L.Durupt, S.Taglietti, V.Montalti, A.Ravera, E.Nathan, P.Jodlowsky, the John Cage studio and the musical theatre, as well as Steve Reich's minimalism and the post-minimalism of David Lang, Julia Wolfe and John Luther Adams.
Blow Up Percussion also partnered with the Ensemble Prometeo and the PMCE, providing the percussion section for the multi-instrumental ensemble, with the London electronic duo "Plaid" and with cellist Mario Brunello.


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