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“This band plays post-everything.” ~ Daniel Sywala, Rock’n’Roll Journalist A musical ensemble of four members transmitting on waves of psychedely and experimental rock, boldly deriving from the classical prog-rock of seventies. That’s a brief description of the Czech band, Šamanovo Zboží, which is right and wrong at the same time. That is because every identification with a musical genre just creates a border which the band feels an urge to destroy by an unpredecent sonic wave, or dissolve in a bath of sensible tones. Their main ingredience is raw guitar rock. Complex compositions in combination with theremin, mellotron and wide palet of other sound colors then bend basis into surprising shapes that are mostly spontaniously formed on stage. Šamanovo Zboží likes to improvize and finalize their music during a gig. Therefore, categorizing this group then doesn’t make sense as this kind of music only is mostly heard in the most abstract dreams.