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Kaliffa aka “Kay-Kay” aka “The Kalibrator” is a Stockholm-based urban pop artist. With his Afro-Swedish background Kaliffa has found a way to fuse Reggae, Dancehall and Swedish pop into sweet sounding music! 
 Known for his unique voice Kaliffa began his musical journey as a hook-singer in the Swedish hip-hop scene. He has collaborated with a number of urban artists such as Näääk, Ken Ring, Cari Lekebusch and many more. 
 For many years Kaliffa has been a member of the legendary Swedish band HOFFMAESTRO and toured all over Europe. 
 Kaliffas debut single "det strålar så om dig" was released in 2014 and the debut album "Kalibreraren" came two years later. The album contained the hit single Spontanitet among others. Two of singles from the album had guest appearances from Syster Sol and Dani M. 
 In June 2017 Kaliffa released the song Helt seriöst that rushed up the Swedish Top 50 chart on Spotify and became the first afro-beat song ever to make to the number one spot in Sweden. The song later received the P3 Gold award for “song of the year 2017”.