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Ellen Sundberg is a Swedish singer-songwriter and pop singer, born in Jämtland 1992. Since her debut 2013 she has released four albums in English, whereof two are recorded in the USA. She got a big breakthrough with the cover album “Du sålde min biljett” with songs by Kjell Höglund. The demised author Bodil Malmsten encouraged Ellen to start to sing in Swedish. When she got a proposal of doing a show at the festival Storsjöyran, with interpretations of the lyrics of Bodil Malmsten, she immediately started to write songs. The lyrics and the tunes were a perfect match, and together with her producer colleague Jonatan Lundberg (Jakob Hellman), she went in the studio to record the album called “Ett bloss för Bodil Malmsten”.

“Ett bloss för Bodil Malmsten” is an album about life and death, longing and desire. A grasp between the city and the rural village is evoking themes about alienation, rootlessness and what a home can be.