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Empty Hollow is the newest deathcore offering from Slovakia. The debut track 'Crateraa' introduces what they like and what they want to create - heavy hitting breakdowns with melodic parts, contrasted by shoegaze-y emotional chords. The second single ‘EXIT’ shows the full potential of the band. With technical riffs and uncompromising tempo, this song will catch you unprepared. An anxiety-inducing intro is only a fair warning of what's to come. The theme of anxiety is also present throughout the text where man is lost in an endless loop where only ‘EXIT’ is his death.  Giving up and being angry at people who mislead and lied to your eyes and then backstabbed you while whispering soft words to your ears are the worst kind and 'SHATTERED' with its lyrics and instrumental contains every aspect of a situation like that. Escalating from being full and energic to giving up your life in a lethargic way is this songs pedestal.