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Satire. A word that lost it's weight the day the world became so obscure that yesterday's satirical content became the news of the day. It’s time to step up the game. Enter Wail The cultiest of cultist cult bands, a Norwegian heavy metal quintet best known as preachers of the 'apocalypse of the civilized world' as well as being observed claiming responsibility for catastrophes such as global warming, epidemics and commercial radio. A spokesman of the group has been quoted with the following comment regarding the choice of musical direction: "I’m intelligent. Some people would say I’m very, very, very intelligent. According to my research, heavy metal is the most commercially available, sexy and danceable genre out there. It was quite obvious really". The band has been nurtured, cultivated and refined to be able to write, perform andseduce on a level that few can assert to. This under close observation of the terrifying and quite flamboyant front man that goes under the name «The Singer». The follow up album, produced by Titan Labs studio/Riccardo Daga is releasing September 18. «Civilization Maximus» features 9 tracks circulating a theme of manipulation/indoctrination as the band ventures deeper into the antagonistic rabbit hole. Get ready to rejoice in salvation, tribalism and an oblique glance at extremism.