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Stronger than ever, and apologizing to no one, SIDILARSEN is back with its 7th studio album, "On va tous crever". This new album follows "Dancefloor Bastards", which marked the rise of the band’s career along with the thunderous acclaim for the DVD that immortalized their 20th-anniversary concert, "In Bikini dura Sidi". In these uncertain times, this new release is a revolution. SIDILARSEN is back on the warpath.Like the title of this new LP suggests, the group is approaching their fate from the dark side. As wide-eyed and humanist as they have always been, they take the pulse of a declining society, of a neoliberal system running out of steam. On the eve of the sixth extinction, SIDILARSEN takes an uncompromising stance, questioning choice, intention, and the inevitable. Can we still love each other, survive the intensity of these times, and continue to be free? Or should we stop fighting? There’s nothing melancholic here, it’s all about fire and blood. Like molten iron, SIDILARSEN has become dangerous. With the masterful American-style sound engineer, Plume, behind the console, the band is uncompromising, holding nothing back from the metal, the blood, or the violence. And with this latest album mastered by Drew Lavyne of New York (Foo Fighters, Terror, Norma Jean, Snoop Dog...), the group has transformed itself into a demolition machine. Heavier and stronger than ever before, SIDILARSEN is on fire. Ready to watch it all burn down?