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Tides is a 4-piece alternative post-hardcore band hailing from Singapore. Initially debuting as a melodic hardcore outfit, a lineup switch in 2018 prompted them to reform their sound. The band released a self-titled EP in 2019 - to much praise for the fresh sound blending emo/post-hardcore with ambient and electronic elements, with vocals belting heartfelt lyrics. Most of Tides' lyrical content consists of a mixture of themes familiar to this digital age such as mental health, living up to expectations as well as those that are ever relevant like love and loss. For 2021, the band are in the midst of recording new material, the first being 'Haven' released as a Single in March accompanied by a music video. In 'Haven', lyricist and vocalist Fruz expresses feelings of self-loathe and doubt, but finding comfort and safety in the constants in his life in a place with no friction nor opposing dispositions. 'Haven' serves as a reminder that perhaps the solace one seeks has always been there, waiting for your return.