Dirty Sanchez

The world first caught a whiff of Dirty Sanchez on the 2002 electroclash comp Badd Inc. and the track "Replicunt." A pointy-headed and prurient piece of posturing electro, it spurred chatter about the Los Angeles trio in dance clubs without signs and high-end hair-dye shops throughout the N.Y.C.

epicenter of the fleeting electroclash "movement." Who were they? Jackie Beat (aka actor/writer/drag performer Kent Fuher) and promoter Mario Diaz shared mouthpiece duties, while DJ Barbeau -- part of Miss Kitty's infamous fetish nights at Hollywood's Dragonfly club -- backed them up on the tables. Dirty Sanchez was really more of a performance act until early 2004, when Cleopatra finally issued the Really Rich Italian Satanists EP. It included the group's irresistibly crass, instantly dated classic "Fucking on the Dance Floor," as well as an NC-17 cover of the Soft Cell nugget "Sex Dwarf." ~ Johnny Loftus

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