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NEW SINGLE RELEASE! Lili is a Pop Country, Soul and Motown Singer-Songwriter. Also stylistic elements of RockPop and Classic takes place in her music. Lili sings warmly, gently, but also sometimes cheeky and with a pop country and soul voice. As a Singer-Songwriter-Producer she stands in front and behind the camera, as a Video Creator and Director. She writes all the storyboards for videos and projects, and does all the productions. She is the founder of the indie music label SOULRANK-RECORDS and has worked with many international artists, managed the projects, produced music and YouTube videos, and has her own child aid, "Soul-Help", where she implements projects for art and cultural support. Since Lili was also a band and musicians scout, she has founded the international music project "IMP ALL 4 ONE", including 15 international musicians, and the Song-Video Project "ON OUR WAY". Both CDs are available in many online stores. A story behind her name led her changed it. For her Album "Stronger her former Marketing Team decided, to shortened her name to "Lili Rankine". Her lyrics of Gospel, love and life is just her personal spirit. She writes with an open heart, as she used to say. In her youth she has spend time in New Yorks Gospel scene. Later she joined a Band and a Radio as Speaker. After quitting collaboration with the Marketing Team, Lili now published a new Single "Stronger" - the Ghost Version under her fully name "Lili Marleen Rankine". NEW Release: Nov. 10th, 2020