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Die kleine Mundharmonika – Hörbücher


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"The little Harmoniaa-Audiobooks" is a side project, created by the blues musician Chris Kramer from germany. Here is the story behind."The little Harmonica" is very popular, but the other instruments laugh at it because of its size and the fact that it does not have all the notes. One day it will be cast out of the family of instruments as a better toy. She is ashamed, cries and runs until she reaches the sea and can no longer walk. But there is also a port there and she hears about a future in the new world. In the breast pocket of a traveler, she heads for America, where she is welcomed by black slaves singing gospel upon arrival. There she experiences, in the hands of Michael, that with a little skill you can get all the tones out of her. Just like after a second birth, a new life begins for the small harmonica, which takes you through many musical styles and adventures. In the end, she not only pays it back to her adversaries, but also knows that there is more to her than she would have dared to believe. For more information: www.diekleinemundharmonika.de