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Cinematic, amorphous and dense with experimentally rich synth-laden soundscapes, the music of Mattokìnd sits comfortably in the ambiguous space between genres - a synthesis of all things that have inspired the duo in their separate journeys from indie to electronica, classical and post-rock. THE LINE OF BEST FIT: “Awash with the kind of experimentally-rich IDM soundscapes perfected by artists such as Flying Lotus and Caribou, the duo confidently soar into the nether regions of future-proof electronica." “Scenescape” chugs into existence like a planet being born - there’s a repeating static-laden ambience, intercepted by the violins, piano keys and clattering jazz drums. This is the sound of the new Berlin.” XLR8R: “Italian for "crazy" and German for "kid" stuck together as one word.

They "bridge a gap between electronic and organic music," creating starkly beautiful, intimate and stirring compositions as presented on their debut self-released EP. The finished product is a deeply rich one, dense in ambiance and gently skating around genres to never quite settle on ambient, or electronic, or classical or chamber pop anything else specifically definable”