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It’s been 30 min now or so that the Franco-Scottish trio Maestro have been on stage depicting all the shades of mourning times, waves of reconciliation, reassurance and anger. Their “Monkey Business” is an attempt to understand why these things happen to us over and over. Why can Love be so cold-hearted and why does the Harmony between two people run dry? An ever-recurring question, when and why these cracks happen? When do two humans become strangers all of a sudden? Since no one has found an answer yet, do we have to scream and create music and words? No, well, not everyone should.

Suddenly all the rage makes sense because good old England has invented an angry idea that is called Pop. Maestro are navigating through the oddest extremes of Pop with a punk deviance. From off-kilter arabic synth riffs, to an unexpected perverted quirky trap, sucking the blood of a vivid European vein, shamelessly classical but at the same time redefining conventional structures. Within the experimental sophisticated arrangements lie some of the sweetest melodies ("Sweet Talk", "KIM") and I’m now having a lonesome spine-tickling moment thanks to the climatic waltz “Yes Today”. Maestro are direct, sharp and acidic, barbaric and virtuoso, their music is ultimately enlightened by a magical combination of electronic textures present within their driven, pure and provocative music.But their deconstructed sound, just on the right side of the Mountains of Madness, never loses its harmonic motive.