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"Beantown isn't big enough for more than one Caev. Boston's best-kept hip-hop secret has run around town for years, logging eye-burner hours on basement stages while trading sleepless nights for Ableton sorcery. His recent run of frenetic rap songs tell tall tales of bandits zigzagging under skyscraper shadows, friends and family harboring trusty dusties on tumbleweed streets. His whispered threats and cutting punk screams make last year's "Sneak Dissin'" a real teeth-grinder. The nostalgic "Dust It Off" (and its accompanying western flick) honors the unbreakable bond of block ties over trap acoustics. Caev only has a handful of songs out in the wild, but they're enough to prove he's liable to do whatever the hell he wants on any given track." -- Alex Siber via Complex/Pigeons & Planes