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🔵🐜 BLUE ANT is Matteo Seduta's Harsh / Dark Electro solo project. Power, melancholy, noise and enveloping vocal lines that tell the human condition and the cybernetic one. We are looking for new suns. All existing releases can be found on Bandcamp: • Mix and Mastering: Jan Loamfield (X-Fusion, Noisuf-X, Stoppenberg) 🔵 🔵 December 24, 2020 NIHIL / REMIXES by: C-Lekktor, Subliminal Code, SPANKTHENUN, Formato Negativo, Device Noize, Diverje, ESA, Stahlschlag, Code : Red Core, Sapphira Vee, BloodConnek7ion, :Waijdan:, Alien:Nation, Chris Keya, Silence in Machine, Elektroterapi, Chamaeleon December 8, 2020 BLUE ANT - MAKE ME HUMAN (EP) 1. Make Me Human, 2. Ego Sum Nihil, 3. Prediction Overdrive, 4. Invisible Cities, 5. Your World is Over, 6. Social Contagion October 30, 2020 BLUE ANT feat. SPANKTHENUN - EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN (Ministry Cover EP) 1.1. Everyday Is Halloween, 2. Everyday Is Halloween (Spankthenun), 3. Everyday Is Halloween (feat. Lis van den Akker), 4. Stigmata June 21, 2020 BLUE ANT feat. BRIDGETTE HILL - LIVING ON VIDEO (Trans-X Cover) May 25, 2020 BLUE ANT - THE MODEL (Kraftwerk Cover) May 7, 2020 BLUE ANT feat. T-ERROR MACHINEZ - FLAT-LINE (Dawn Of Ashes Cover) April 24, 2020 WE KILL THE SUN (EP) 1. We Kill The Sun, 2. The Hero, 3. We Kill The Sun (Synapsyche), 4. We Kill The Sun (Antibiosis), 5. We Kill The Sun (Dead Code)