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Bio Finding magic in storytelling through art and music has propelled me through the tough times. My passion and creativity burst forth after being suppressed for years after I dutifully pursued a ‘proper job’ stumbling from office management to sales and teaching. As a child I was driven by creativity, experimenting with mash-ups of art by using paint, collage, textures, light, and sound; singing my heart out and throwing myself into drama at school. Unexpectedly, a spate of illness lead to the discovery of a debilitating thyroid eye disease and meant a series of operations to save my sight. My outlook was forever changed as a result. Once the surgery was over I could make plans and shake it all up! the experience I had with my health gave me a second chance and I wasn’t going to waste it! I began a seven year journey to explore my creativity and establish myself as an artist. My passionate journey of self-discovery has inspired my first album, Troika - with its debut single,

"Dance til the stars go out" Further health issues have not dissuaded me and I continue to write her next album despite being diagnosed with DCIS ( Ductal carcinoma in situ).