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The Lady Gang inception was no ordinary birth. It’s what happens when a once lonely loop pedal, an electric guitar, a beat machine, and a set of pipes that have dominated the Denver music scene for 14 years, collide. Lady Gang is Jen Korte as she artfully steps outside of the familiar and moves toward the discomfort of a good idea. The artist’s risk takes listeners for a ride that demands our attention. Lady Gang defies not only what we think we know about our favorite local artist but also what we thought we knew about musical technology. Jen Korte is known to us as both a solo artist as well as a champion collaborator, is well versed in all genres of music, and played every venue you’ve heard of from Denver to Caribbean. A career rooted in both indie rock and hiphop seems to be the only backdrop that could help make sense of Lady Gang’s calculated execution of sound that drips with originality and soul. Having opened for national acts like The Pharcyde, Mac Lethal and Wax, and Nappy Roots, along with being nominated for ‘Best Singer-Songwriter” by Denver Westword in 2018, and taking the title in 2019, fans are taking note.