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For as much as New York-born and Los Angeles-based songstress Molly Moore’s music speaks to a 5G generation, her straight-shooting lyrics, soulful timbre, and psychedelically spun style transcend eras. Sprouting raw thoughts through real anthems on her journey of self-discovery, Molly has embraced the changes in her life from experiencing loss with the passing of her father and ending a five-year relationship to searching for her voice and finding the light within. That is no exception for her forthcoming project, slated for release later this year, which encompasses the moments of hope and acceptance in an untraditional love where feelings are dynamic – temporary, lingering, abiding. As she continues to share her story honestly and openly through soulful beats and candy-coated vocals, Molly finds herself in a transformative state with her new music as she dives off the deep end and embraces love in any way that it presents itself, loving herself and others in a much freer and kinder way.