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Some spend their entire life searching for purpose and direction. That is not the case for Dany L Blackburn. Music surrounded her long before she was born as her mother was pregnant while her father, Og Sin Loc Blackburn (formerly Sin Loc), took part in a notable moment in music history. After she was born, the music did not stop. Today Dany L Blackburn is working on not only solo music but also alongside her father. 
 Og Sin Loc Blackburn played a pivotal role in the Bangin’ on Wax Movement in the early ‘90s. During that time the heat between Los Angeles gangs the Bloods and the Crips was fierce, but there were a few members from each that wanted to put an end to the violence and rise above. Og Sin Loc Blackburn, along with a handful of others got together and formed a group, and even saw success by hitting the top 100 on the Billboard 200 chart. While all of that was going on, Dany L Blackburn was waiting to make her debut. 
 Working as an artist, producer, and composer has led Dany L Blackburn to have multiple pots on the stove cooking up greatness. She started dropping music in the Winter of 2016 and since then has produced/composed music for her father, Og Sin Loc Blackburn, this year as well as herself. This summer Dany dropped two new singles; “Ride the Wave” and “Get You Through.” She will soon follow that up with “Shake Somethin” and an EP on top of producing her father’s upcoming album, ‘Concussion Protocol.’