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Funhouse is a Swedish rock band that was formed by four punk rockers with long hair in 1986. After releasing a self-financed single, "Tormentor", and with gigs all over Sweden, the band was soon signed to Accelerating Blue Fish. After the release of the “Friends" EP and "Girls" album, it took the band three years before they released new material but with the release of the magnificent epos of love, trust and betrayal album "Never Again" in 1996 Funhouse became one of the leading bands in the genre of dark rock in Europe. After endless trips across Europe in an orgy of cherry wine, gin, gigs, interviews etc. to promote the album and the music they call "goth n roll", the band went into the studio to record a new album, but the studio session turned into a nightmare. It was obvious that the price of the long “goth n roll” lifestyle had finally caught up with the band. Long story short... In 2019, the band wrote on Facebook that they were planning a “Forever True 2020” tour, starting in Berlin on March 21, 2020. As a teaser, the band is planning the release of a new single called “Dark & Stormy” around Christmas 2019. Expect some true goth n roll tunes and prepare your dance moves, cause these gothsters are going to put some joy into the darkness, because “If God was a rockstar, He would be Funhouse”.