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It's not every day that the girl-next-door winds up being signed by one of the world's biggest pop stars, but that once-in-a-lifetime scenario is exactly what happened to Cyn when Katy Perry fell head over heels in love with her voice after a chance encounter. 
 The name CYN itself is tongue-in-cheek, an evolved Lolita playing on the word 'sin'. She cuts a cute figure, radiating timeless youth like a grown Shirley Temple. Yet she holds herself with a self-assured poise, like something's bubbling under her porcelain surface. “Some men act shocked when they hear that I'm called Cyn,” she laughs. “I have a lot of fun challenging people's perceptions.” Growing up she was picked on by local kids. She sought recognition from bullies for too long. At last, no more. Hoping that one day she can inspire other small town girls through her music, she contemplates what she wishes she would have known as an adolescent… 
 “That I would turn into a girl that I like,” she laughs. “I didn't like my hair, I felt insecure about my body, I had depressive thoughts. Then one day I had a dream that there was this girl on a beach. She had beautiful golden hair wrapping around her and the sun was setting. I woke up feeling so whole because I felt like I knew that girl, and that if I wanted to be that girl I could be.” 
 After signing to Katy Perry's imprint label, Unsub Records, Cyn has relocated to Los Angeles and is gearing up to release her debut EP "Mood Swing", out September 20.