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hi. i’m jenn. tbh bios STRESSssS ME OUUUTTTT. Hahaha like what do you wanna know !? I’ll tell you it all. Ask me anything. I really like Jesus ~ nay, love Jesus. Love God. Love people. People rule. My love of God has enabled me to genuinely love people. I took an improv comedy class once ~ it was fun. I also tried my hand at stand-up comedy and listen : I WASN’T BAD AT IT. But also, now I’m stressed to try again because I was great as a first timer, but you know, now I have to live up to myself and what if I just plateau or become even less funny!? It’s possible. Anyway. I also love playing speed scrabble or speed card games and listennnn I am great at them. Might smoke you if we ever played. I also like making gluten free treats and used to be obsessed with donuts. I just released the first single from my debut album, called “Human / Animal” about my experience with music AND this dichotomy of being treated like this novelty item/not human and on the other hand: being bullied~ AND WOW IT IS EXCITING. This album has taken me quite a few years to compile and complete and it’s quite truly a little piece of my soul // sounds like MEEEE. Like what is its sound ? It’s textured and fun and deep and emotional and powerful and interesting and raw and honestly you could just listen to the album and that’s the best kind of bio around ? I also have a podcast called “Spirituality with Jenny B” because , yo. Anywayyy LOVE YOU SEE YA!