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Kongo Dia Ntotila play Kongo jazz. Their sound is a blend of Africa’s finest dance music styles, revived and modernised. The band draw on a breadth of African rhythmic and sonic traditions, with strong influences of Congolese rumba and the sunshine sounds of seben guitar, seamlessly fused with a neat dose of jazz. It is pure Afro-joy: dance-inducing beats, polyrhythmic guitars, grooving bass, soaring brass, and beautiful harmonic vocals. The band’s latest album '360°' brings the brass to the forefront of the musical conversation and a new direction to the KDN sound, since their more vocal-heavy first release. BBC6 Music’s Tom Robinson describes the music as “a great combination of sophistication, energy, musicianship and pure life-affirming spiritual uplift!” while Max Reinhardt (BBC3) says of Kongo Dia Ntotila live shows: “Wherever they go they bring a raucously joyful party with them.”