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halovox features intelligent, emotional lyrics and melodic modern music that sounds new yet nostalgically familiar to fans of 80s alternative, electronic and industrial. What sets halovox apart from other electronic bands is the songwriting and vocals of its creator, Frank J. Freda. 
 The first halovox production was the 2003 Catcher in the Rye Mix of "Fall Awake" for The Echoing Green. 
 The self-titled debut album halovox was released in the summer of 2004. Also in 2004, halovox remixed "Each Second Suffering" for Provision, which appeared on a limited edition bonus disc bundled with the "Visualize" album. 
 In 2005, Retrospect was included on A Different Drum's "State of Synthpop" collection and Deception on WSVNRadio Hall of Fame Vol. 15. 
 In January 2012 halovox released their highly anticipated second album Everybody Lies. The album contains 12 new songs that feature the trademark halovox sound of intelligent and emotional lyrics coupled with danceable electronica that ranges in style from synthpop to industrial. 
 In 2013 halovox produced Still So Wrong (Halovox Remix) for Vaylon. 
 In December of 2013 halovox released the album Retrospect featuring remixes of popular halovox songs by Interface, Simulator, Vaylon, Pretorium, A Modern Effigy, The Dossier, Kevin Lux, Erotic Elk, Veeohla, Synthetik FM and Annie Halo. 
 In December of 2015 halovox was featured on Synth Radio's Camouflage tribute album, "The Great Compliment" covering "Together".