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Carlo Zannetti is an Italian guitarist, songwriter and writer In 1982 , Carlo Zannetti starts his musician's career playing as a session player with some of the most important Italian music artists. He plays guitar, piano, bass and harmonica. In 1995, as a songwriter, he published his first album “Carlo Zannetti” which was released nationwide by Venus Distributions of Milan. In 1997 he published his second album “Ulisse del 2000”, also released by Venus Distribuzioni. Since then, as an author, often using some pseudonyms, contributes to writing even successful songs, often participating in international events. In 2016, he published his third album "Vincimi" with his songs played and sung in acoustic with only guitar and vocals. Carlo Zannetti published also a lot of singles, often became early music for television programs of national television stations. Lately he is working on his new album which will be released in 2019, and collaborates as a session musician with international productions in Great Britain and U.S.A.