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Hailing from Toronto and flaunting a deep personal relationship with the pageantry of the macabre, Phantom High is already making their mark on a scene that too often leaves the “fun” out of “dysfunction”. The band has launched with a mission statement to bring authenticity, conviction, and theatrics back to a genre that centers on navel-gazing and nihilism. The roots of their inspiration are easy to see for veterans of the golden days of goth and glam, drawing energy as much from the horror in film, anime, and literature as from the music genres that inform their hard-hitting live show. Phantom High is anarchistic alchemy, bringing together the fundamental elements of what scares us, what turns us on, and what makes us hungry for substance in an ephemeral, digital world that no longer seems interested in keeping the blood pumping, the volume loud and the music in each and every face. Phantom High prides itself on putting the music and the show first and foremost, staying true to their roots while planting new ones like mausoleums in the fertile ground of a whole new generation desperate for something to scream along to.