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With backgrounds as diverse as theater and carpentry, The Hollows formed in the backwoods of Brooklyn in early 2009. Drawing from influences like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Waits, Radiohead, and especially The Band, they quickly became known for tight four-part harmonies and rollicking live shows, featuring instrument-swapping, and four lead singers trading vocal duties. Jeffrey Kurtze (bass), Daniel Kwiatkoswki (banjo, guitar), Rob Morrison (mandolin, guitar, slide guitar), David Paarlberg (keys, guitar, trumpet, accordion), and Erik Saxvik (acoustic guitar, keys) made up this original lineup. 2011's debut LP, Belong to the Land, received widespread critical acclaim ("an incredible's a monster" - Rebel Rod Ames), with songs ranging from acoustic Americana ("Old Brown Dog"), eerie atmospheric indie rock ("Mad as Dogs"), drunken honky tonk singalongs ("Whiskey and Wine") to anthemic folk rock (“Basilica”). The band produced a music video for the track "Poor Eyes," featuring marionettes. In 2012, The Hollows added full-time drummer, Justin Aaronson, and released The Hollows EP. The Hollows' second full-length, Between the Water and the Wonder Wheel, was released in 2016. Produced by John Siket (Dave Matthews Band, Sonic Youth, Phish, Yo la Tengo), BWWW found The Hollows further deepening their electric sound, dubbed "heavy americana" (as heard on singles

"Mountains to the Sea" and "Jamestown"). Videos followed for both singles, as well as a national tour.