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Renato Di Prinzio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 29, 1961. He began his musical studies in 1976 recording 45 discs with prestigious groups, mainly jazz and progressive rock. He has composed original music for a dozen original soundtracks for theatrical plays, and commissions for multimedia and television advertising. He is a well known music teacher and prominent photographer. His extensive musical career has developed in Argentina, Italy and Spain where he currently resides. In the 90's he founded the Phorminx record company with which he has released a score of CDs, especially European jazz, ethnic music and avandgrade. Renato is an intense researcher of the music of ancient Greece, Rome, the Near East and the Middle Ages, performing surviving music from those early eras and composing pieces for ancient instruments such as the Saxon lyre or Greek and Roman lyres. His training in the 70's has given him an exuberantly rich creativity and full of soundscapes typical of that unrepeatable era of music, totally removed from the decadent and very poor panorama of the current musical imagination!