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The long journey leading to the creation of ‘Seeking Infinity' started in the summer of 2012, when Kostas announced to his then band members an outline for a new concept album. It’s pretty safe to say that a lot of things have changed since then and the concept and sound have evolved dramatically until the creation of this album. However, despite the changes, the band's philosophy and purpose have stayed intact. And how could it not be, with such a pedigree of musicians in the band that are or were involved in bands as diverse and unique as FEN, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, CLOUDS and CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX. 
 “Seeking Infinity” is a 60-minute cinematic journey through funeral doom landscapes. Those already familiar with the band, will be delighted by its twists and turns, presenting elements of brutal doom death metal and blast beats, and turning with equal ease to ambient sounds, neofolk and post rock elements. Recorded, mixed and engineered by Daniel Neagoe (Shape of Despair, Clouds) and enhanced with the enchanting artwork of the band’s visual artist Cheryl Panagiotou, the album sounds and looks both modern and familiar. It is sure to fill with nostalgia fans of old-school traditional funeral doom death, while also drawing to its mystical sound new followers for years to come. 
 Since then, Pantheist have released the short and epically melodic single ‘De Regen Voorbij’ during the 2020 lockdown and a new album is currently in the works, scheduled for release in early 2021.