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About this Artist

Posted By VIAN

From the Norwegian seaport Kristiansand blooms a unique music scene. One that does not care about genres as much as expression over a variety of styles.

VIAN made it’s mark as one of the most hardworking and stubborn acts coming out of the scene with it’s debut album Diafon. While most bands fuse together from similar musical taste and need for expression, VIAN found a challenging yet highly rewarding art form in their musical differences. The band, consisting of Elisabet Mjanger, Vegard Kummen, Kristofer Spangen and Tobias Øymo Solbakk shares a deep love for music, yet their roots are planted in opposite worlds. This sets up for, not only undiscovered grounds and soundscapes, but an invaluable potential for “best of all worlds”.

Where people listen

  • 1.
    Oslo, NO
    114 Listeners
  • 2.
    Stavanger, NO
    15 Listeners
  • 3.
    Kristiansand, NO
    14 Listeners
  • 4.
    Bergen, NO
    10 Listeners
  • 5.
    Stockholm, SE
    5 Listeners
  • 6.
    Arendal, NO
    4 Listeners