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Music holds the potential to heighten our senses through picturesque storylines and vibrant melodies, immersing listeners into an introspective dream-like state. MAYA, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, taps into this potential, transporting her audience to an enriched destination. 
 Inspired by relationships and the beauty within darkness, MAYA’s songs are shadowed by murky undertones that reflect her flirtation with distrust in love and good fortune. Despite having her roots firmly planted in the pop realm, her music is far removed from the cliches and conventions of cookie cutter “instant gratification” pop music. Instead, she opts for a more eclectic sound, primarily driven by the acoustic guitar, blended with a myriad of strings, and lifted by a variety of synths. Her instrumentation is equally as important as her vocals, allowing her songs to develop and breathe in a way that can only be described as organic. What's next for MAYA? As a follow up to her current single Muffled Screams,' Maya is preparing for the release of her fourth song 'Another Life'.