1. 1.
    Vortex In Slow Motion
  2. 2.
    Scale Of Content
  3. 3.
    Monologue About Violets
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Three Stones Back
Arnhem based metal band DEEM INDEX exists, in their current steady line up, since 2011.
The EP MASS//MINUS (release date 11-03-2020) is the successor of their debut EP VAIN//VOID (2014) and again it shows that DEEM INDEX doesn’t shun from mixing the various styles of metal.
The diversity of styles in metal and their energetic stage performance made it possible for DEEM INDEX to share various venues with amazing national and international bands like Katalsym (CAN), Dew-Scented (D), Inside The Artist's Head (SE), Eyes Wide Open (SE), The Very End (D), Bodyfarm (NL), Blood Red Throne (NO), Distillator (NL), For I Am King (NL), Magnacult (NL), Bring On The Bloodshed (NL) and many others.
It also provided DEEM INDEX the headline slot at The Unborn Fest 2016 on Terceira, Azores, Portugal.
Quotes taken from reviews VAIN//VOID EP:
“The five tracks featuring on DEEM INDEX’s EP VAIN // VOID shows that the band has a wide spectrum of influences. Where some critics may say that the band is still looking or can’t make up their mind, you can state that the band is not monotonous and can surprise their listeners.”
White Room Reviews
“So, DEEM INDEX can’t be given one label. If you listen to the EP you get pieces of modern metal, old school heavy and a lot of thrashmetal passages as wel as some electro influences. If that is not enough they also manage to bring in some death metal influences, an interesting mix if you ask me.”
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