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Modern melodic metal band from Kokkola, Finland. Founded in autumn 2015. Having caught some attention via their first releases Everture started playing gigs and received overwhelmingly positive feedback thus making it clear, the band was meant to be. The summer 2019 was very succesful. Following the single 'Benighted', the finnish metal magazine Kaaoszine chose them to perform at Nummirock Metal Festival. Everture's third single 'Long Way Down' was one of the most viral metal songs in Finland, reaching over 100k streams in Spotify in less than a month. In spring 2021 Everture released their debut album 'Emerge' which reached the top 6 of most sold physical copies in Finland and place 31 of the finnish official charts. Now preparing for the concerts to come and working new material Everture is bigger and better than ever their eyes set on success in the international stages. Jere Kuokkanen, vocals Matti Hautakangas, guitar Oskari Niskala, guitar Samuli Kielenniva, bass Olli Vuoti, drums FIND ABOUT THE NEWEST CONCERTS AND RELEASES FROM BANDS SOCIAL MEDIAS: https://www.Instagram.com/evertureband https://www.facebook.com/evertureband