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Unkenny Valleys is the Shoegaze/Noise Pop/Electronica solo project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kenneth Estrada y Santiago. Working in Berlin, Germany, Unkenny Valleys makes music inspired by childhood nightmares and sci-fi soundtracks ranging from Godzilla to Blade Runner that combines blissfully fuzzed-out guitar noise with modern EDM elements. He calls it “cybergaze” and the name fits. Kenneth has released three Unkenny Valleys single thus far in 2019, “Happy Happy,” “She Saves Me Again,” and “Oneironaut,” that demonstrate the unique ideas he brings into the studio and his talent for balancing melody and grit. Kenneth freely bends the musical world to suit his will, going so far as to perform live on a guitar with a built-in sample player and trigger pads plugged into a pedalboard that lets him become a self-contained show. A full-length album called Giant-Yellow-Eyes that deals with love, suicidal thoughts, more nightmares, and daydreams of freedom is slated for 2021.