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In a plant-filled-apartment at the waterfront of Rotterdam, Alicia Breton Ferrer, accompanied by her roommate-cat Iggy, recorded her first solo-project during the pandemic-lockdown of 2020. Finding herself separated from her two bands, The Sweet Release of Death and Neighbours Burning Neighbours, she adopted a playful way of composing, to cope with the situation and uncertainties of the times. Starting with “just” creating sounds on her old Casio keyboard and re-amping them into oblivion, then layering them with rhythms, bass and guitar. These sounds would ultimately turn into: “Headache Sorbet”. A plant based treat of sorts but with brain freeze. ‘Headache Sorbet’, like the name implies, turned out to be a beautiful mix of contradictions, filled with anxiety-driven noise and joyous rhythms. From within the confines of her apartment you’d call it noisy lo-fi dance songs to celebrate your most introverted self, but released into the wild you can picture yourself dancing the night away in a sweaty industrial club. Alicia manages to welcome you into her space, where you can be part of the smallest and most understated, yet cathartic dance party. First single ‘Having Fun’ is an attempt at honouring part of her Spanish roots. Reminiscent of flamenco, the song is a melancholic blanket you can pull over your head to play a dancing ghost. Darkly yet fun, the song enjoys flipping the tragic nature of flamenco to a more ironic musing of things to enjoy... or not?