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Aloha, My name is Kalo DeLeon and I am a new artists based out of Maui, Hawaii. I enjoy a wide range of music (Hawaiian, Country, Pop, R&B) and this is the reason my particular vibe sounds the way it does.

I began playing music at a young age (as many kids from Hawaii do). It evolved from something I simply enjoyed doing, to a hobby, to a passion and then to a profession. I write my songs from a majority of very personal experience but have also began writing about conceptual circumstances that I've observed throughout my life. I have always been a lyric driven musician. I will always lean into songs that describe an event with such colorful lyrical choices that the picture is painted and your particular life experiences are suddenly catapulted into the song. For this reason is why I enjoy country music so much. The good ones are true story tellers. I hope you follow me as I begin this journey. My debut album is available on all digital platforms NOW or visit www.mele.com to order your physical copy today!! Mahalo ~Kalo