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Nandan (full name Munshi Ashkaruzzaman Nandan) is an independent artist hailing from Thorold, Ontario, Canada. Nandan’s musical influences stem from various music genres, leading to him creating songs in multiple styles. 
 Nandan also has a passion for performance. His resume includes opening up for successful Canadian artists such as Daniel Wesley and Shawn Hook. Nandan also has performed coast to coast in Canada, USA, and abroad. 
Nandan has a “something for everyone” type of approach to his music. This approach has led to inconsistency with maintaining one sound, but keeping the attention of his listeners by surprising them with every song he releases. The unpredictable nature of Nandan’s musical activity has become a trademark of his identity. 
From catchy choruses to songs with unusual topics, Nandan keeps his listeners hooked on his music. Nandan’s goals are to continue performing, satisfy listeners with an eclectic mix of different genres and prove that great music can be made in any style.