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Engaging with June Cocó’s music is a liberating experience; not in the clichéd sense of feeling the shackles of your existence burn into your skin and tearing them off with a loud roar only to indulge in shameless escapism from that point forth. Nor in the sense of a short lived escape where you press “play” and catch a glimpse of a different world for the duration of a song. June Cocó’s music works on an entirely different level. It pulls you, gradually and slowly, away from reality and the constraints of everyday life, the city, the noise, the pressure. And when you come back up – maybe after the ten songs on her current album “Fantasies & Fine Lines”, maybe, though, only after a second round – something has changed. You feel a sense of calm within yourself, a love of the world, a different perspective, the feeling that reality has shifted somewhat – a bit like waking up after a wonderful dream and having to sort your thoughts to figure out, which is real and which is an echo from the other side. New album "Métamorphoses" out now. More information and limited vinyl/cd's on junecoco.com