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Member/Editor: Brendan Fitzpatrick Music fans and musical critics are fond of putting things in boxes. It seems like every day a new genre or subgenre emerges and this obsessive categorisation can be unsettling. Its natural for a band to wonder where they fit in and thus limit themselves to play by a certain set of rules. What a pity, since the palette available to a musical artist is broader and more brilliant than a rainbow. Omonoko make music that is almost post-impressionist in its composition. Taking familiar recipes and playing around with the ingredients until we are left with something new, vibrant and exciting. Their sound oscillates effortlessly between driving, assertive rock anthems, and contemplative tracks that gleefully introduce hip-hop style drumming, reverb-drenched ambient guitar, and delicious sampling. The results are powerful, and there is a mountain of substance to go along with all this style. The group came together while all the members were living in different countries and all their formative musical interactions were done remotely. Their debut 'Animals' was a home-made record that was studio quality and these guys were just getting started. They were an accomplished musical force even before their first in-person jam. Now, unrestrained by geographic location, these three Newry lads are fully realising their potential.