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Howie is in session, on the road and currently enjoying COVID lockdown. Well, not really, but it will soon be over and live music will flow once more! Be listening for new music coming soon. Blues, acoustic guitar and Native American flute, A 432 and some cool acoustic grooves. Do I hear diversity in music? Howie’s professional music career began in the 1970s when he played the Catskills and Hudson Valley region of New York state. Now Howie, with his wife Debbie on percussion, lives out of a van

traversing America with their brand of inspiring, Americana/folk style music. Diverse musical influences come through in Howie's song writing. Expertly blending melody and rhythm, his strumming and finger picking style enhances lyrics about family, trains, crystal streams, sparkling eyes, or whatever inspiration life has to offer. To find out more, simply search online for Howie Campbell.