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ReneSkunk777MC is a Mexican American YouTuber, gamer, musician, editor, and entertainer, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. ReneSkunk777MC started as a Minecraft channel in 2014. He released his first debut single "Glitch" on Bandcamp in 2014 and released his official debut studio album "The 18th Unit" in 2018. ReneSkunk777MC started gaining popularity when he started making edits of a reaction YouTuber BlastphamousHD in 2016 and stopped in early 2017. He continues to making gaming content and release music. His major music influences are Aphex Twin, Ween, Daft Punk, They Might Be Giants, and Green Day. Experimenting with genres and genre-busting through his work, his list of favorite genres consist of EDM, vaporwave, chillwave/glo-fi, techno/acid, IDM, experimental, and alternative rock. ReneSkunk777MC made his first vocaloid song in 2017 titled "Amethystine Dandelotus" featuring Hatsune Miku until revamping the project and re-releasing it at the end of 2019. He released two primary vocaloid songs off his third studio album "Pbvwhulrxv Forxg" with Kagamine Rin and Hatsune Miku, and continued to release more, whilst adding a corresponding playlist, available on Spotify. ReneSkunk777MC has collaborated with many artists like Souhex (formerly known as Acidic Encore and Souci), Lil Lewd, Meltberry, Nikoni, Nicky Blitz, Brett, David Main (D. Lo), and ユリ子Yuriko.