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Heeeey thanks for checking out my music! I'm Feikje Douwina and I'm a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. Music has always been a big part of my life. I've taught myself how to sing, play guitar and piano. I also used to keep a journal and wrote many songs and poems. It's been a year now since I took my songs to a proffessional level. I just LOVE making music and writing songs. Even though my songs are Popsongs, when you listen closely you can here the christian influences, since i'm also a christian. My focus is to create music with a positivity and a hope and a love that I think this world needs. I like to write whatever comes to mind. With my songs I want to tell a story, mainly my own stories. I know i'm not the only one struggling with insecurities, pain or a bunch of unanswered questions. I think we're all, in a way, searching for the truth. I just write it all down. I hope you'll find a sort of consolation and hope when you listen to my songs. I know that if my music is as an encouragement to me, it can be that for you too. If you don't want to miss out on anything hit the follow button :) ( here and on Insta,YouTube & Facebook) You can find the 'stories behind the songs' on my website feikjedouwina.com. Lots of love, Feikje Douwina ▪︎ De Gelderse Top 20 over 2020 ▪︎ Chill or Kill - Bij Igmar Radio 538 ▪︎ Nieuw Uit Gelderland