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holaa, what’s up, it’s Alaina Castillo. :) I started by making covers on YouTube y ahora estoy viviendo en LA y making music on this spotify page you’re on rn ♥︎ music has been the only way to express all of my 12 different personalities because I never have the right thing to say pero con mis canciones, puedo crear un escape that really helps with learning how to express myself and i want my songs to help you see that if you’re QUIET or SHY or feel like u don’t have a voice, NO IMPORTAAAA PORQUE MUSIC IS THAT OUTLET. my music has as many meanings as you want it to as long as u ENJOY IT (ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ) porfa & use it to become happy and completely accepting of yourself bc we all have lil hidden personalities waiting to come out. 😌