The Paints


  1. 1.
    Sweet Little Mountain
  2. 2.
    Not My Circus (Not My Monkeys)
  3. 3.
    Love Is Gonna Come
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Who are The Paints? We are The Paints! (Josip, Marko & Grigor).
What are The Paints? A blues-rock band from Zagreb.
Do we create original music? Indeed we do!
When were we formed? In 2016.
When did we release our first single? In April 2019!
What is it called? Not My Circus (Not My Monkeys).
Why so long before the first single? We were practicing, learning and writing.
So, we have learned what we needed? Nope, not even close!
So, we could have released it sooner? Sure, we could have.
Have we learnt something from that too? Indeed! :)
Are we signed to a label? No, we’re not. We are independent musicians.
Why? Because we want to be independent musicians.
How long have the three of us known each other? Over 15 years.
Have we been making music together all that time? Yup!
What kind of music did we play before The Paints? Blues covers mostly.
Why did we start writing our music? We wanted to say something and create something, and felt that we were nowhere near ready to do it so we did it!
Who sings? Josip (also plays the bass) – the one with the beard.
Who plays the drums? Marko (also the percussions) - the one with the beard.
Who plays the guitar? Grigor (also sings a bit) - the one with the beard.
Who brings refreshments to rehersals? The one who is late.
For how long are we gonna do this? For as long as we have something to say and are improving in the ways of saying it.


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