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Boon Goon

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BooN GooN

BooN GooN was born near Aachen (Germany) in autumn 2015. After Lukas Meyer (bass) and Niklas Dammers (guitar) had about one or two totally weird jams in the rehearsal room of Dammers´ old band, Helge Liepertz, “the old drummer” joined them to complete the rock´n´roll line-up, which is the basement of the concept.

The three musicians shared basically one idea:

Popular, modern music is as complex as a toaster, which totally sucks.

They started to play with long song structures, weird rythms and every genre they like. That´s why you can find some blues, funk, jazz, ska, reggae and psychedelic elements. On the roots of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and all those other great rock bands (especially stuff like Stoned Jesus and everything, Josh Homme and Jack White ever made) in history, they call it Progressive Stoner Rock.

After finding themselves and long singer auditions, Henrik Schultes joined the group and grabbed the mic in May 2016. His versatile skills, from rap to shout parts were the qualities, which fit perfect into the concept. Furthermore, he´s a really funny dude.

On march 18th, BooN GooN invited to their EP and Live release, which was the first of six gigs, they played from march to april 2017. They´re all less than 21 years old, focused and won´t stop playing ´till there´s a new record coming.

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