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Los Angeles native, Penn Francis is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, & visual artist. Since the age of 13, Francis has played in several bands based in Southern California before venturing off to focus on a solo career in 2017. 
 Blending both analog & digital instrumentation, Francis holds no bars when it comes to experimenting with different genres from the likes of Indie, Hip Hop, Ambient, Drum & Bass, Jungle, New Wave, Punk, etc. His “B(e)sides” series is a means to explore new concepts without restriction and/or limitations, while his EPs & singles are of a more structured approach that best represents his atmospheric & moody sound. 
 Lyrically, Francis’ work acts as a diary of sorts that explores topics such as struggles with mental health, failed relationships, self-doubt, & dissatisfaction with the system to name a few. Francis aims to shed light on vulnerable topics with the intention of connecting to the listener on a personal level in hopes that it’ll allow others to feel understood in those times of uncertainty.