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Progressive metal newcomer Somehow Jo was originally founded 2009. This Finnish band is harvesting it´s own way in genre-free music. Band was founded by singer-guitarist Christian Sauren & guitarist Sakari Karjalainen. In 2011 the drummer Lassi Peiponen and the singer-bassist Eero Aaltonen joined the band. First years for Somehow Jo were difficult trying to find it´s own identity, but in 2014 the band headed to studio in their hometown Tampere, Finland and recorded their debut album Satans of Swing. Debut album was released 2015 via Inverse Records and the self-titled song features the singer Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast). Second full-length album named TUSK was released 22nd November 2019 in physical and digital format by Inverse Records. The TUSK- album gathered dozens of great reviews before it's release and praises across the globe. TUSK -album has settled a clear way for the bands bright future.

Third album is currently in the making and the 1st taste of the upcoming killer tunes will be heard autumn/winter 2021.