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We all need a message of hope & inspiration. Each song comes with a unique message for every listener. Marako Marcus is a musician & composer in lo-fi ambient downtempo chill recordings, with a passion to "paint" experiences into a musical canvas. Marako's diverse influences include Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Yes, Santana, Hans Zimmer, Dire Straits, U2, Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Lights & Motion, Balmorhea, Hammock, Ed Sheeran, Eucalyptic, Cecelya, U137 and many others. His first recordings were actually on audio cassette in the 90s. Marako's self-titled debut EP in 2020, consists of two songs: "Dance of the Two Butterflies" depicts the scene of two butterflies dancing around the blooming flowers. A reminder to take time away from our busyness, to realize the beauty around us daily. "The Sun and Moon Stilled" speaks about how as we allow time to slow down, we can embrace the change in our lives and treasure our time. Close your eyes, and immerse yourself into the music. Get ready for your own journey! Marako is also designer of street minimalist vintage apparels, with a wide variety under the NATURE∆MARAKO brand. For more info, merch, collabs, books, go to And music available at